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Sunshine’s Hoop Love is bringing joy, happiness and play into adults lives with the use of a simple children’s toy….the Hula Hoop.

Come along to a hoop dance class to play, sweat, laugh, exercise but most of all have fun. Together we will explore hoop tricks, body movement and flow. Sunshine’s Hoop Love provides expert instruction on hula hoop tricks and a safe space for people to dance, spin, play, hoop.


This is a place close to Jessie’s heart and the whole reason Sunshine’s Hoop Love came about; to help adults reconnect with their body, mind and spirit by practicing gratitude, patience, acceptance and self love. Hooping is a moving meditation, when you get into the flow there is nothing else but you spinning, as the planet does spin.

There are so many benefits to hula hooping the list is seemingly endless. Below are just a few:

  • great form of cardio exercise
  • tones muscles
  • helps to lose weight
  • increases stamina
  • improves hand eye coordination
  • strengthens the brain by keeping the mind active
  • strengthens neurological pathways
  • improves spinal strength and flexibility
  • can help people gain confidence
  • makes you happy
  • increases wellbeing

For quite a few weeks I was hula hooping by myself trying to figure out some tricks. But it was hard to get the feeling or the flow for my hoop. I decided to do the 8 week beginners course with Jessie and right from the start I loved it, it is so much fun! Every week I was looking forward to the class with excitement. Not only am I able now to get a beautiful feeling while hooping I can also show off with some awesome new tricks . Plus my core muscles have much more strength now which really gives me relief from lower back pain I sometimes get! Jessie is a beautiful teacher. She always answers questions and gives individual help if needed.I can’t wait to start the follow up course and look forward to all the tricks to come!  

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