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We have a range of different courses to suit your needs from Beginner Hoop Dance to Beyond Beginners. Hover over the course title in the calendar below for more information on what is covered in the courses then click on the course you wish to attend. Book in through our secure online booking system to start your hoop journey today.

Hoop dance requires patience and practice. Get the most out of your course by attending all classes. Unfortunately refunds can not be given if you miss a class.

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    Hoop Fit

    This class is a combination of hoop yoga, hoop exercise and hoop dance. They are designed to increase your heart rate, tone muscles, improve spinal strength and flexibility and be way more fun then running or going to the gym!

    Casual classes $18 or

    8 class pack $120. (To be used within a 3 month period.)

    Hoop Fit classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-10:30am at Lake Kawana Community Centre.



    Private Lessons

    Exclusively private hoop dance lessons are all about you:

    • Scheduled at your convenience
    • Tailored to your needs, pace, and personality
    • Can be held on a private location

    $60 per hour 1 on 1
    $90 per hour 2 people
    $120 per hour 3 people.

    Hoop Dance Packs

    Hoop dance classes run as an 8 week course however, we understand that sometimes it can be hard to commit for that long. Don’t worry though, we’ve got  you covered. You can come to a drop in class anytime during the 8 weeks and still join in the fun.

    Drop in class $22.00

    4 class pack $80.00 (The 4 class pack can be used for any hoop dance class, just be aware that if you are new to hooping it is more beneficial to learn the skills in the beginner course first.) 

    Kids Hoop Classes

    These classes are designed to be a fun way for kids to exercise through play and be active after school. Children will have the chance to learn some tricks, play some hoop games and show off their skills.

    $13 per class

    Family Fun Classes

    These classes are a great chance for parents and children to play together, grow family bonds, exercise and have fun. Throughout the hour we play numerous hoop games that improve gross and fine motor skills, increase cardio fitness and muscle tone and let us express and explore our creative side.

    4 week family course $100

    Casual family class $30


    Hoop Love @ Hens

    1 hour $200  [$15 extra per head If travelling outside of 15 kms charges will apply.]


    • all hoops to share
    • hoop games
    • funky music
    • hoop tricks instruction
    • hoop dance routine
    • chance to perform hoop routine

    Hoop Happy Children’s Birthday Parties

    1 hour $200. [There is an extra $10 per head fee for parties with more than 12 children.  Charges will apply for travel distances outside of 15 kms.]


    • Costumed and professional hula hoop dance instructor
    • hula hoop dance performance by instructor
    • a quality hand-made hula hoop for the birthday boy/girl to keep
    • all hoops to share
    • hoop tricks instruction
    • hoop party games and challenges
    • hoop dance creative guidance
    • chance for kids to show their skills in their own hoop performance

    Weekend Wiggle Workshops

    Want to spend some time with a group of friends on the weekend learning something fun? Why not try a weekend hooping workshop…

    These workshops can be customised to what your group of friends would like to learn. All you need is an open space to fit all of your friends.

    2 hours $295 based on 10 people. $15 extra per head (If travelling outside of 15 kms charges will apply.)


    • all hoops to play with
    • funky music to groove to
    • customised lesson plan for your group based on tricks you want to learn
    • expert instruction

    Bookings for all classes are essential

     I have always wanted to hula hoop, and so discovering Sunshine’s Hoop Love beginner hoop dance classes was awesome. Jess is a great teacher, encouraging and supportive. The classes are just the right balance of fun and challenging. I have progressed from Beginner to Beyond Beginner and I am so stoked that I can now Hula Hoop!


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